We Will Be Your Guide!

What is Solid Shampoo Bar and How to use it
Vegan All Natural Plastic Free Great Lather
Cruelty Free Gentle On Scalp Chemical Free Travel Bag Included
Before we knew shampoo could come in a solid, natural form, my husband and I were sickened by how many plastic bottles we were sending to the landfill. We are guessing that's why you've ended up here, at The Super Eco!
So if you're someone who is on a mission to eliminate plastic bottles from your bathroom AND want healthier, shiner hair, you've come to the right place.
Made with luscious natural plant oils, The Super Bar produces a rich lather that will clean your hair and scalp thoroughly and gently. Our all natural, vegan shampoo bars are packed with essential oils and herbal extracts to make your hair really glow...with no plastic waste!

Go on then, guide me!

To create that wonderful lather we speak of, you can rub The Super Bar between your hands and then apply to your hair. The easiest way though is to simply rub the bar directly onto your wet hair. When you feel you have given your scalp a good massage, rinse the bubbles off with water. Place the shampoo bar back in the bag and hang somewhere to dry in your bathroom. 

A top tip just for you

Use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (a glass bottle of course) as a conditioner. Simply dilute a cap full of ACV in a cup of water, pour it over your hair and rinse off. This will restore the PH of your hair and will help to condition it.  

It's so easy to use...it even comes with its own storage solution! 

The Super Bar is far more compact compared to a shampoo bottle and it even comes in its own travel bag. This no liquid shampoo means that you can also carry it onto the aeroplane as hand luggage.