Our Story

Image of Mount Chincogan Byron Shire

When we left London three years ago to slow down, we didn't think for one minute that it would involve having twins AND starting our own business!

The Super Eco are Tom and Anna (and sometimes our three kids when they want to find out what we're up to!). Our small family business is situated on the side of Mount Chincogan, Byron Shire, NSW, where we live and produce our products in an off grid, solar powered workshop. 
The Super Wrap is where it all began. When our eldest son started school we were appalled at the statistics of how much waste a school produces from lunch boxes alone and we wanted to do something about it.  How could we encourage in our children a sense of involvement in the reduction of waste and how could we help them become aware of the impact plastic has on our environment?
After some long hard thinking and experimentation, we developed the 'Superhero Super Wrap' which we felt would not only make the lunch box fun but would also instil a sense of responsibility - for reducing waste and being involved in the reusable revolution.
From here our family business grew. Our beeswax wraps now cater for different purposes aside from the lunch box and come in a range of pretty, funky, and mellow designs for kids, kitchens, women and men. Our beeswax wraps have been flying off the shelves at the local shops and our market stall is always very busy.
As our brand has become more recognised we have come to realise that we need to do more to help people reduce the waste in their homes. So we are very excited to be adding two more plastic-free products to our inventory. 
The Super Bar is a handmade solid shampoo that smells divine and does a wonderful job of washing the hair and caring for the scalp. We wanted to develop this product as we feel plastic is just not needed in the bathroom and is very easy to replace. 
Super Pits is a very effective natural, aluminium-free deodorant paste. With three wonderfully aromatic scents to choose from, there is something for everyone wishing to ditch the plastic roll ons and use something natural the REALLY works all day.
The development process has been long and painstaking but at the same time, we have enjoyed every minute. We hope the love we have put into creating these products comes across and that you love using them as much as we do!

Anna and Tom xx