How It All Began...

The Super Eco was started by a local couple, Tom and Anna who moved to Australia from England almost a decade ago.. They lived on the side of Mount Chincogan in the Byron Shire, NSW, in an off grid, solar powered home with their three kids.

They shared a vision of starting something that would help reduce plastic waste in our environment & develop products that would be better for the planet and each and every one of you. When their eldest son started school they were aghast at the statistics on how much waste a school produces from lunch boxes alone and they wanted to do something about it. How could they nurture in their children a sense of responsibility and participation in the reduction of waste and encourage awareness of the impact plastic has on the environment? After some long hard thinking and experimentation, they developed the 'Superhero Super Wrap’.
Not only would it make the lunch box more fun but would also allow them to contribute to reducing waste and being involved in the reusable revolution.

From those humble beginnings Tom & Anna dedicated themselves to building The Super Eco brand to what we all know and love today.

But as is true in Nature, change is inevitable. After years of dedication to building the brand, Tom & Anna felt it was time to pass on the business to a new young family whose values and vision aligned with theirs; Living life with less plastic and wanting to offer good quality, affordable products that have less impact on the planet.

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About Us:

When we heard about this company going on sale, we were super excited, not only about taking on a new adventure, but also taking on one that resonated with us on a deeper level.

Hi, we are Josh and Cassidy, the new owners of The Super Eco, lovely to meet you.

Since taking over The Super Eco brand, we have been working like busy bees adjusting and evolving what are already great products, and spending time developing new ones. And soon, in the spirit of keeping things fresh and giving it our own touch, The Super Eco will be having a makeover ✨ so keep your eye out.

We would like to say how proud we are of the vision behind this company we have taken on and we are excited to continue offering plastic free options for each and every one of you.

We will be keeping some of the products you know and love, but with change, comes great responsibility and we want to make this company even better than it already was. 

The process has been long and painstaking but at the same time, we have enjoyed every minute. We hope the love we have put into creating these products comes across and that you love using them as much as we do!

The beeswax wraps. We have been working hard at making these even better. If you have tried the super wraps before, I do hope you'll give our ones a go. They are now softer, & even more malleable.

The Super Bar is a handmade solid shampoo that comes in a variety of beautiful essential oil blends, smells divine and does a wonderful job of washing the hair and caring for the scalp. We have a few more versions of shampoo bars coming to you soon to cater for different hair and scalp types. We hope you love them!

We also have a solid conditioner bar to pair with our shampoo bars, that comes in its own handy travel tin, for some extra moisture for your mane (when you’re at home or on the move).

Our Super Pits deodorant (or, anti-odorant) is a very effective natural, aluminium-free deodorant paste. With a variety of wonderfully aromatic scents to choose from, there is something for everyone wishing to ditch the plastic roll ons and use something natural the REALLY works all day. We have adjusted this to make it softer and smoother in consistency, we hope you love it!

We thank you for your continued support.

Cassidy & Josh.