Super Pits

With a clean, dry fingertip scoop a pea sized amount from the tin and rub under each armpit and you're good to go! Use everyday or after high level activity. 


Super Pits is designed to neutralise odour by creating an alkaline environment so that bacteria cannot grow and cause you to smell. Unlike an anti-perspirant (more like an anti-odorant!), it does not block your sweat glands with nasty ingredients such as aluminium, so your body can behave as it's supposed to.

Each ingredient has been chosen to benefit you;

TAPIOCA & BENTONITE CLAY - work to reduce moisture and remove toxins.
SODIUM BICARBONATE - creates an alkaline environment to prevent bacterial growth.
ESSENTIAL OIL - all the essential oils we have chosen not only smell great but have antibacterial properties. Great for banishing odour!
ORGANIC COCONUT OIL - nourishing for the skin and also contains antibacterial properties.
ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER & VITAMIN E - takes care of your pits and moisturises them beautifully.
BEESWAX - gives the paste a harder consistency.
A very small percentage of people are irritated by Sodium Bicarbonate, the active ingredient that works to prevent odour. If this should happen, please discontinue use. 
A useful tip is to regularly wash/rinse your clothes in warm water (or just the under arm section). You can then be sure that no staining will occur.. Perfect.