Small Actions = Big Change

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Small decisions like choosing a plastic free product, using reusable bags, recycling scraps of plastic or saying no to single-use & disposable plastic can make a huge difference for the future of our planet.
It’s the easiest thing we can do to make a positive impact so I have made a list of everyday items used in the home that are easy to replace with plastic-free items.


(that don't require much effort at all):

- Bamboo Toothbrush
- Honey in a glass jar, bought from the farmers market or local farmers at road side stalls (they are everywhere around here!)
- If you need to replace a hairbrush, dish washing brush, bottle brush, cooking utensils, chopping boards etc. get a sustainable wooden one.
- Use washing detergent that comes in a cardboard box rather than a big plastic bottle.
- Use a solid shampoo bar followed by a conditioning rinse of apple cider vinegar that comes in a glass bottle (amazing stuff) and/or a solid conditioner bar.
- Wrap presents in fabric/pillow cases/recycled brown paper
- Lip balm that comes in a little tin that be recycled or reused
- Reusable coffee cups
- Eco-friendly/compostable scourer/sponge.
- Reusable shopping bags (preferably plastic free)
- Compostable/biodegradable bin liners.
- Milk in a carton (gone are the days of refillable glass bottles - how good were they?!)
- Cooking oil that comes in a large tin
- If there is a glass version of anything, just go for that!
- Recycled toilet paper (there are some amazing companies making really great versions of these, not only do they give the plastic packaging the flick, but sometimes you will find that they are raising money for 3rd world - enter stage right ~ Who Gives A Crap #notapaidendorsement ~ just love their loo paper!).
- When you need to replace plastic Tupperware/lunch boxes, think of investing in a stainless steel set. This will cost you more but will be long lasting (& a low-tox  option compared to their plastic counterpart).

- Balloons
- Party bags (and the crap that goes in them)
- Christmas Crackers
- Wrapping paper (there are some amazing options of reusable wrapping made from fabric these days - another alternative is to reuse paper from presents; if I get given a present in paper, I use that for other gifts to give the paper another life)
- Straws! - if your child wants one, this is a fantastic learning opportunity for them.
- Glad Wrap - use beeswax wraps, silicone wraps, reusable sandwich wraps.
- Plastic fruit and veg bags at the supermarket. If you can't bring your own vege bags (there are some great options for these too these days) use a mushroom bag, or nothing at all! I grew up not using them at all.

The list goes on! (I will add to this list when I think of things x)
If you're someone who actively looks for alternatives, please let us know what you have found and share it with us all!

Cass x

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