Small actions = big change

Small decisions like choosing a plastic free product, using reusable bags, recycling scraps of plastic or saying no to disposable plastic can make a huge difference for the future of our planet.

It’s the easiest thing we can do to make a positive impact so I have made a list of everyday items used in the home that are easy to replace with plastic-free items.

Easy Everyday Plastic-Free Swaps (that don't require much effort at all)

- Bamboo Toothbrush
- Honey in a jar bought from the farmers market or local farmers (they are everywhere around here!)
- If you need to replace a hairbrush, dish washing brush, bottle brush, cooking utensils, chopping boards etc. get a sustainable wooden one
- Use washing detergent that comes in a cardboard box rather than a big plastic bottle
- Use a solid shampoo bar followed by a conditioning rinse of apple cider vinegar that comes in a glass bottle (amazing stuff)
- Wrap presents in fabric/pillow cases/recycled brown paper
- lip balm that comes in a little tin that be recycled or reused
- Reusable coffee cups
- Eco-friendly/compostable scourer/sponge (the usual ones are terrible)
- Reusable shopping bags
- Compostable bin liners
- Buy cartons of milk
- Cooking oil that comes in a large can
- If there is a glass version of anything, just go for that!
- Recycled toilet paper (mmmm sounds lovely, but you know what I mean, it's not wrapped in plastic and it's sustainably made).
- when you need to replace plastic tuperware/lunch boxes, think of investing in a stainless steel set. This will cost you more but will be long lasting.

Easy Things To Refuse (that we often don't think about)

- Balloons
- Party bags and the crap that goes in them
- Christmas Crackers
- Wrapping paper
- Straws - if your child wants one, this is a fantastic learning opportunity for them. I even think reusable straws are a wasted resource - we don't actually need to suck our fluid from a glass, we can just gulp it down using our mouths!
-Glad Wrap - use beeswax wraps, silicon wraps, reusable sandwich wraps
- Plastic fruit and veg bags at the supermarket. Put it in the mushroom bags instead!

The list goes on but this is all I have time for now! 

If you're someone who actively looks for alternatives, please let us know what you have found and share it with us all!

Anna x



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