Beeswax Super Wraps Trio - KIDS
superhero beeswax wrap for kids school lunches
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Beeswax Super Wraps Trio - KIDS

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Great for sandwiches and snacks or just to use in the kitchen to wrap veggies and leftovers.  

The Super Wrap is an environmental, reusable alternative to glad wrap and tin foil and is handmade with locally sourced beeswax and 100% cotton. It's fun and funky. 

The Super Wrap is Super because; 

~ it’s reusable
~ it cuts out waste and plastics from the lunch box
~ it’s adorned with a super cool, superhero, retro design that will appeal to younger and older kids (adults too!)
~ it’s easy for kids to use
~ it smells delicious
~ it keeps food fresh
~ it lets kids love their lunch box

Let's reduce the amount of waste our kids take to school.

Large 36x34cm
Medium - 29cmx27cm
Small - 23cmx21cm

To use, simply mold the wrap around the sandwich or snack. The wrap will seal by sticking to itself. For further instructions please see our 'Super Wrap Guide'.

Please note that combinations in the kids trio packs will vary.

Care instructions included in packaging.
NOTE: We are not affiliated with DC Comics or Marvel in any way (just fans).