Refresher Bar


These are instructions on how to use our refresher bar when starting from scratch - if refreshing one of our wraps, ensure it is clean and dry before commencing, then start from step 2. 
• 40cm 100% Cotton Fabric in various designs
• Zig Zag Pinking Shears
• 1 x Grated Beeswax Refresher Bar (our special blend of Beeswax, Tree Resin and Coconut Oil)
• An Iron • An Old Towel • Baking Paper • A wire rack for cooling.
Note: Read all instructions carefully before commencing the project.
Step 1 – Measure and cut squares of fabric using the pinking shears in various sizes, for example; 20x20cm; 30x30cm; 40x40cm.
Step 2 – Lay out towel on an ironing board or flat surface and heat the iron.
Step 3 – Place some sheets of baking paper over the towel and then place your fabric squares on top, with the right side facing up.
Step 4 – Sprinkle the grated refresher bar over the fabric squares – you will need to ensure the beeswax is sprinkled evenly over the fabric and right to the edges.
Step 5 – Place some more baking paper over the top of the beeswax and fabric squares and carefully iron over the top of it.
Step 6 – Carefully peel the baking paper back. Check to ensure the wax has evenly melted. If more coverage is required in any areas, you can sprinkle some more wax on the fabric, re-cover with baking paper and iron again.
Step 7 - Allow to cool, carefully removing from the baking paper before the wax is completely dry (it can be a little hot, so be careful. Just pick up from the corners of the fabric) - hold in the air for a moment so the wax can cool down. The wax will dry quite quickly (within a few minutes), then you're good to go.