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Premium Beeswax Wraps S/M - 2 Pack

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Premium Beeswax Wraps S/M - 2 Pack


This small/medium combination is a fantastic option for those who don't need to wrap or cover large items such as watermelons and serving bowls. If you're wanting to keep sandwiches, avocados and cheese fresh, this pack has you covered!

If you don't like surprises, please specify if you would your pack to be from either our 'Night' or 'Bright' range.

Sizing of our Premium two pack:

Medium - 29cmx27cm
Small - 23cmx21cm

Our Beeswax Food Wraps are a reusable, eco-friendly version of plastic cling wrap. Each and every one is handmade by us using 100% cotton infused with beeswax, tree resin and coconut oil. 

To use simply mold the wrap around the food, sandwich or bowl. The wrap will seal by sticking to itself or a bowl. For further instructions please see our Super Wrap Guide.

Great for:

snacks and sandwiches, covering small bowls to keep flies off your food whilst at the same time making your table look amazing when entertaining, keeping cheese, fruit and vegetables fresh once they have been cut AND of course, eliminating plastic wrap from your kitchen.

Please note that combinations and designs vary but they will always be cool and funky!

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