Wonderful Feedback - Natural Deodorant

We have been working around the clock during this holiday season.

With 3 - 4 markets a week and orders from our stockists to fulfil, we have been busy making product after product in our little studio like there's no tomorrow! 

We are so proud of the fact that there is a high demand for our beeswax wraps, natural deodorant and solid shampoo. People really are keen to make a difference and go plastic-free.

We have had some amazing feedback too. A repeat customer said to me the other day "you guys really have done it this time, your deodorant is amazing!" ..... another repeat customer said "I absolutely love your deodorant and I was so glad to see you here today as I needed some more!".

We have orders coming out of our ears from our stockists too as it is just flying off the shelves. 

So, if you want 'Super Pits' that smell great all day, you can get it right here! 

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