The Benefits of Using a Shampoo Bar

Anna Smith

Our Super Bar is totally eco-friendly. It is made with natural, Palm Oil free, biodegradable ingredients with not a chemical in sight to poison our water supply. With no SLS or Parabens, it is also good for you.

Commercial shampoos contain many synthetic chemicals. Once they wash down the drain, they do not break down. Instead, they build up in our ecosystem, getting into rivers, lakes and public water systems. Along with this, the liquid form means they need to come in a plastic bottle. Our Super Bar does not need a plastic bottle as it is SOLID! It lasts for one whole month for a family of FIVE! My husband and I wash our hair everyday and the kids, 3-4 times a week using the same bar. Alongside our shampoo bar, we condition our hair with a dash of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (which comes in a glass bottle). This restores your hair's natural pH balance and I find that it also helps to detangle and soften the hair. A solid conditioner bar can also be used for extra conditioning. I LOVE the fact we no longer have plastic bottles to throw away.


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