10 Facts About Me, The Maker!

There are loads of great campaigns happening this week to support small makers and independents and fight back against Black Friday. The great @justacard team are doing a whole week around supporting independents and today is sharing 10 facts about you so here goes:
1) I'm Anna and I started The Super Eco when my son started school. I was passionate about giving him a plastic-free/waste-free lunch box so started making Superhero beeswax wraps - the business just spiralled from there
2) I am half Mauritian
3) I have played guitar and sung in a band since I was 14.
4) I am a mother of a beautiful 7 year old boy and gorgeous 3 year old twins, which makes running a business even more hectic!
5) I love climbing mountains. I climbed the highest mountain in Turkey and North Africa and nearly died both times! (Maybe I should mountaineering a miss!).
6) I played Glastonbury festival with my old band 'The Delights'.
7) Ed Sheeran actually supported me in a gig in London (before he made it big obviously)!
8) I had a brown snake living in my couch! 
9) I am a primary school teacher in my spare time (I don't actually have any spare time so that one has gone on the back burner for a while!).
10) I hate waste!

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  • You are super!!!


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